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BACA highlights the enhanced levels of safety and security when booking business, passenger and cargo flights

It is widely accepted that business and private aviation is the safest and most secure way to fly. With this in mind, BACA has recently taken steps to deliver even greater safety and security when travelling on all types of privately chartered aircraft. Now that many parts of the world are being placed on the highest security alert, we believe it is more important than ever that flight security remains ever stringent and is maintained to its highest levels at all times.

BACA has been quick to offer guidance and advice to its members, to ensure they exercise maximum vigilance when taking flight requests from a potential client, and even existing clients. The Association has also made available details of the relevant authorities (and organisations) that should be contacted if anything suspicious is noticed at the earliest stages of a flight request. For example, simple steps which can be undertaken such as investigating who may be behind any new enquiries. To further underline the Association’s commitment to safety and security BACA has also published a set of guidelines on this website.

Chairman Tony Coe advises “safety and security are always our top priorities and BACA wishes to ensure that our members are fully briefed on what they should look for when receiving a new flight request.  BACA emphasises the value, importance and necessity that its member companies remain at the forefront in delivering the highest safety standards and most secure flight experience possible when travelling on all types of privately chartered aircraft, passenger and cargo.”

Posted 10th December 2015