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BACA Member Anpartsselskabet 1.1.2012 gains own AOC and rebrands

As of October 1st, BACA member Anpartsselskabet 1.1.2012 gained its own AOC and renames the company Blackbird Air a/s.

The company is operating under new call sign “BBB – blackbird” and celebrated the occasion with the touchdown of its Falcon 7x at their homebase in Billund.

Director and CEO Ole Christiansen told BACA: “We have a sweet little story about our maiden flight:

A story about a little Black Bird.

On September 28 2017 I had the pleasure to fly our last flight with our previous management company Execujet, before we started our own AOC BlackBird Air.

We landed in Inverness on a lovely day, light wind, blue sky’s and the birds were singing.

After the passenger has left we were preparing the aircraft for the first Blackbird flight, I looked up on the tail, a BlackBird was sitting there and enjoyed the view over the Scottish Highlands. He had taken possession of its aircraft.

I am sure this must be a good sign, for a bright future for our new branded Company BlackBird Air.

Rene Dakine PIC OY-FWO – flight BLACKBIRD 01

Posted 6th October 2017