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Membership fee is £30 GBP plus VAT up to 31 March 2019

Retired membership fee does not include Social Membership to The Baltic Exchange

Retired Membership Application

Before you start your application, please note that you must provide two recent trade reference letters* who can declare that the applicant is known to them and in their opinion is professional in their business activities. References do not necessarily need to be from existing members of the Association.

* please obtain these trade reference letters BEFORE you submit your application, as applications will not be processed without these.

Your application will be considered in the manner described in the Rules and you will be notified of the outcome in due course. Membership is open to individuals and companies. The entire application takes 4-8 weeks depending on when your application is received, as the council meets only once per calendar month.

The membership fee is valid up to 31 March 2020 and includes Social Membership to The Baltic Exchange (with the exception of Retired Members). Members joining from October to March will be invoiced on a pro-rata basis to the end of the membership year, with the full amount payable in the following April.

The current membership fees are based on the total number of personnel (including Directors, as well as employees) and principal aviation activity. Rates from 2019:-

Full Members with 1 – 10 employees* £ 350 GBP
Full Members with 11 – 25 employees* £ 485 GBP
Full Members with 26+ employees* £ 595 GBP
Associate Members** £ 550 (1-10); £750 (11-25); £950 (26+) GBP

VAT will be applied where applicable.

Please read the terms of payment below.

* The number of employees means the TOTAL number of company Directors and staff employed

** An Associate Member is not directly involved in the support or operations of aircraft, such as banks, lawyers, media, financiers, insurers. Associate Members do not have access to charter contracts and cannot participate in training unless paying extra fees, nor benefit from conciliation or use of Escrow. Full members are directly involved in the supply or support of aircraft and their operation, such as operators of aircraft, airports and their subsidiaries, brokers, GSA’s, FBO’s, fuellers, flight planning, aircraft spares, caterers.

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Additional BACA Representative

Additional Contacts

You can add up to three additional Emails to receive BACA correspondence

Please upload below a copy of your company's Certificate of Corporation and a list of current Directors.

Please also obtain and upload two Trade Reference letters, dated within the last three months, who can declare that the applicant is a professional company with whom to do business. (These references do not need to necessarily be from existing members of BACA).

As a designated representative of the Applicant, I confirm that the above details are correct and agree that any aviation related staff of the applicant will abide by the Code of Practice of the Association if elected for membership.

Payment Terms: Once accepted as a Member, BACA requires full payment within 30 days of invoice date in order to activate your membership. Failure to make the required payment on time, may result in your membership application becoming void.

BACA Code of Practice

Member companies should ensure that their aviation related staff are fully aware of, and comply with, the contents and implications of the BACA Code of Practice.


1. maintain the highest professional standards in their day-to-day business activities.

2. act fairly, reasonably, responsibly, honourably and ethically with each other and with their clients and colleagues, and not knowingly bring the Association into disrepute.

3. act within the legal and fiscal requirements of the states in which they conduct their business, and in accordance with international law and United Nations agreements.

4. not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sexuality or disability.

5. handle complaints quickly and sympathetically, and correct errors promptly.

6. keep personal and sensitive business information confidential, and abide by the requirements of applicable data privacy and protection policies and legislation.

7. provide appropriate training for their staff wherever possible, and encourage employees to obtain relevant qualifications and maintain their professional skills.

8. when using a Broker to contract business on their behalf, pay the Broker an agreed commission. If a Member prefers to provide a price which does not include a commission then it will be assumed by the Broker that he has permission to establish his own price with a third party in lieu of such commission.

9. avoid quoting differing prices for what appears to be the same business, accepting that differences will occur if proposals are differently made.


10. declare, when proposing a transaction, whether their role is to be as Principal or Broker.

11. declare early in any proposed transaction on behalf of which Principal they propose to act. This does not mean the Member has to identify the Principal at this stage, but the Member needs to establish that he/she will be acting as Broker on behalf of a Principal.

12. not exceed the authority given to them by their Principal and should act with due care and skill.

13. avoid conflicts of interest, to not make a secret profit and keep a full and proper account of any transaction.

14. avoid any misleading statements in advertising or publicity which suggest that the broker is an aircraft operator or owner when they are not so.

15. carry out due diligence, to their best endeavours, in order to establish that any operator they engage for a flight or flights is properly licensed, insured, documented and competent, and that the aircraft to be used is airworthy and properly maintained.

Please also refer to the Association Membership Rules

Please scroll through and read all terms and conditions before agreeing.