Retired membership application

Your application will be considered in the manner described in the Rules and you will be notified of the outcome in due course.

The membership fee is £30 GBP plus VAT up to 31 March 2020.  Retired membership fee does not include Social Membership to The Baltic Exchange.

Please read the terms of payment below.

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I declare that I was previously a designated BACA representative or contact on behalf of a member company (or as an individual member), and have now retired from being actively engaged in the business of aviation. I no longer have any business connection with BACA members engaged in the industry, and will not be using my membership to further any business venture.
I agree to notify the BACA Administration or Council promptly in writing if I subsequently become actively engaged in the business of aviation, or if I wish to use membership of BACA to further any business venture, or if I acquire a business connection with a Member engaged in a related business.

Please provide a Proposer and Seconder (designated BACA representatives for their companies) who can declare that the applicant is known to them and in their opinion is suitable for membership of BACA.

Payment Terms:

Once accepted as a Member, BACA requires full payment within 30 days of invoice date in order to activate your membership.

Failure to make the required payment of £30 GBP plus VAT on time, may result in your membership application becoming void.