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Member Benefits

  1. Membership of the largest air charter industry association in the world.
  2. A BACA endorsed broker accreditation scheme that is run by Argus and which provides a genuine benchmark for standards of market conduct.
  3. A code of practice and rules that seek to raise market standards and give meaning to BACA membership as a standard of conduct in the air charter market.
  4. A number of fantastic networking opportunities, including two spectacular lunches which are attended by hundreds of members and guests at some of London’s largest formal venues, to encourage networking and business opportunities.
  5. Informal networking opportunities such as an annual golf day and other events.
  6. FREE training days on relevant topics for members and their staff.
  7. Thought leadership, training and shared issues and ideas to help make the market work better for members and for all participants, including an on-line training platform.
  8. Representation at various industry events around the world, at which members can participate.
  9. Annual air charter Excellence Awards competition.
  10. Providing member operators with access to all the major European charter brokers.
  11. A Council who can represent members at governmental or official level if required, and to promote the interests of members.
  12. Membership of the Baltic Exchange, which is one of the most prestigious organisations in the City of London. Members have access to the meeting rooms, lounge, bar and excellent restaurant at the Baltic Exchange building in the heart of London’s business sector.
  13. Internal notices of important regulatory changes or urgent security warnings.
  14. Access to the BACA-recommended Escrow service.
  15. FREE internal online publicity and news service between members and access to offers posted by other members or third parties offering preferential terms or other benefits.
  16. Informal access to the Chairman and Council to help resolve conflicts between members or between members and third parties.


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