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Transplant Transportation Services attains Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) Industry Audit Standard (IAS) accreditation

The Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) is pleased to announce that Transplant Transportation Services, Inc. (TTSI), Petaluma, CA has successfully completed the Industry Audit Standard (IAS) accreditation course.  TTSI’s vision is to review their current on-demand air charter providers to help them achieve the highest levels of safety in the aviation industry.

“Our mission is to provide our hospitals, transplant centers and organ procurement organizations with operational excellence and relentless levels of service and safety,” said TTSI President Scott Pritchard. “We recognize the important, life-saving work the organ teams provide and strive to deliver them to their destination safely, promptly and in comfort.”

Pritchard noted, “When we schedule a flight and select an aircraft, safety is our priority. By assisting our vendors through the ACSF’s IAS gap analysis process, we’re confident that their respective charter operations will be enhanced and improved. Being a part of raising the safety standard in our industry is exciting.”

TTSI is a leader in logistics, managing systems, processes and technology. With over 15 years of transplant flight experience and eight years’ experience as TTSI, they work with a select network of the finest operators to provide complete transportation services for organ transplant teams, organs, and support staff.  With the emphasis on thoroughly vetting each charter flight, they have substantially narrowed the list of their safety-approved network of charter operators.

“An uncompromising commitment to safety drives everything they do.” said ACSF President Bryan Burns. “We view TTSI as a partner, in their effort to provide exceptional service and standards to those who place their trust in them every day.”

Posted 24th March 2016