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Volga-Dnepr and Antonov confirm that their Ruslan An-124 joint venture is ending

Volga-Dnepr Airlines and Antonov Airlines have confirmed that Ruslan International, their An-124-100 freighter joint venture, will end on December 31, 2016 after a ten year partnership.

Volga-Dnepr Group’s business collaboration with Antonov will continue for the technical aspects of airworthiness and flight safety support of its An-124-100 fleet.

This confirmation of continued technical collaboration follows on from September this year when Antonov warned that it may seek a ban on Volga-Dnepr flying An-124 aircraft if the Russian airline moved support functions for the aircraft to another company.

The two companies created Ruslan in 2006 to jointly market their combined An-124-100 fleets, “with the aim of improving availability of the unique ramp loading cargo aircraft for customers all over the world,” said Volga-Dnepr in a statement.

It continued: “The partnership has provided welcome benefits for both airlines over the past 10 years and, most importantly, ensured the level of An-124 services for customers in industry sectors across the globe.”

Posted 18th November 2016